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The vertical know-how in the field of Smart Logistics and E-commerce has allowed us to develop a Corporate Venture Capital division with a pragmatic business model that is highly specialized.

Our goal is to support Startups to achieve their own economic and financial sustainability in the medium term, supporting expansion into international markets and forging institutional relations.
To achieve this goal we focus the support on Startup teams in executive matters, by entering the company's active management right from the set-up phase. This allows us to implement a strategy based on the expertise gained and our technological assets. What differentiates us from the other incubators is the ability to perform all-round "company building", that is to say, building the new business from scratch, by offering finance, research, technological and managerial skills and guaranteeing market penetration with progressive and constant growth rates.


What we propose is much more than a coworking space in Milan: it is an urban redevelopment project covering an area of 14,000 square metres, aimed at creating an innovation & coworking district that has as its main theme the fusing of the historic Italmondo headquarters with the modern architecture of the area and the natural environment.

A new way of conceiving work spaces in an environment that encourages interaction and sharing between people: modular spaces with a simple, modern design complete with technological equipment; furnished offices, technological support, meeting rooms, dining and relaxation areas and practical help in developing the business of innovative Startups.

The main building, managed by Supernova hub since 2017, now has 1,600 square metres already completely renovated.


We have developed specific skills to support entrepreneurs in the different life stages of Startups: from networking to funding rounds: from business development to IT skills; from workshops to training seminars for the development of knowledge and relationships between the various Startups.

Our consultancy services with tailor-made solutions are geared to both Startups incubated by Supernova and third-party companies that want to embark on a digital transformation journey.